UN/HIDE makes the people living in the Iraqi camp, their memories, dreams and hopes “visible”. The children get to freely and playfully express their feelings during our art workshops – and with that they overcome boundaries.

Thousends of people live in the camp near the Iraqi town Mossul, all of them left their homes to protect themselves from guns and hatred. The desire and longing for safety and a carefree everyday life grows inside the big refugee camp, especially for the little ones. We want to create spaces inside the camp where the children and young adults can be creative and express themselves freely. Spaces in which they can rest and process all that is happening around them to gain new strength. Playgrounds in which they can discover their talents and run free.

For us, art ist the best way to help. Art builds bridges and allows us to communicate in a language which is universally understood. This language encourages understanding, tolerance und ingetration of foreign ways of life and cultures.

“My family and I fled across the mountains. I would love to have taken my doll with me.”


“The men had long beards and scarfs around their heads. Somebody helped us flee.”